Friday, August 5, 2011

More from China Day 4

I missed some of the pictures, so this is a continuation of Day 4 (Trent for Ginny).

Lots of "Joy" at the pool.

Boys and their toys.

Look at this grin!

For the first hour, Yuan Yuan (older one) just sat on the side scared and wouldn't step in.  Then one of the translators was able to get her to hold her hand and go for it.  That child laughed and screamed for joy like I have never seen.

The entire time in the pool, Yuan Yuan squeeled with joy and then afterwards she stepped in front of me and jumped up and down laughing to express to me her excitement.  So the pool is a warm (non-chlorinated) spring pool that is inside.  Think of it like an extra large bathtub. 

It is NOTHING that I would choose to go in on my own.  

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