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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Thoughts after a few hours home

I know that I should be sleeping since it is 2:30 am or is it 2:30 pm.  You see this is a problem because my mind and my body are in conflict over that right now.

I have a few thoughts and moments to share on the last several hours in the states:

1. Putting mayonnaise in your hair has got to be up there on the top 10 nastiest experiences.  I don't think I will every be able to eat mayo on a sandwich again and I can only imagine how bad this stuff is going to smell in a few hours.  If this does create a taste aversion for mayo, I may have to try it next week for some of my other weaknesses like chocolate and ice cream.  hmm.  Right now I just want it to kill anything that might be crawling around up there.

2.  I told Trent I needed him to pick up some lice spray.  He asked why and I said so I could spray down his backpack that I borrowed.  He bought not 1 but 2 cans.  Love that man.

3. Nothing says welcome back to the states like your middle child greeting you after being gone for a week with, "Hi mom.  I missed you and I decided that I don't want a DS anymore, I want an ipod instead".

4. When God created warm baths, He was thinking of me.

5. Sometime this week I want my husband to take me out for a steak and baked potato.

6. As I look over the pictures from the trip,  I already have regrets.

  • I wish I had looked the girls in the eyes more and told them how beautiful I think they are. 
  • I wish I had prayed more and encouraged the team to pray more. 
  • I wish I had helped tuck the girls in bed.  The translator would say, "I will take them to bed now" and I was just so glad for some rest that I didn't ponder what I might be missing in those minutes.  I am pondering it now.
  • I wish I had bought them more clothes. 
  • I wish I would have found a place to print pictures for them and then given more to them.  I think I may do that here and send them to Yuan Yuan at least.  
  • I wish I had told the staff more what a great job they were doing. 
It is so hard for me to appreciate the good we did right now because I am so full of regret for what I didn't do. I know it will come and I am so thankful for continued communication with 
Bring Me Hope  and International China Concern  who have continued relationships with these kids.  If you aren't familiar with these organizations, you should check out their websites.


Teri said...

Hi Ginny,

I was going to ask if there would be anyway you would want to make each of the girls a little digital photo book that is printed out. I would be willing to do this for them and then just have them sent directly to you to send on. It would be my gift to them. I would need just 10 to 12 of your favorite pictures. So just let me know. No stings attached just felt so moved by what you did wanted to offer this to you. teri tbp134@yahoo.com

Dawn said...

I will be making a photo album of Guo Guo's week of camp and taking it to her. I would be very happy to also take a photo album to Yuan Yuan if you would like and any gifts you might like to give to Yuan Yuan.

Debbie said...

I have enjoyed following your blog while you were in China. My friend is adopting Guo Guo and I was so happy when Kristen told us that she would be at camp. And so thankful that you were her buddy so Dawn could get so many wonderful photos. You did more than you know. I know you feel regrets, but the things you did do was amazing to these kids. You gave them a week of love & fun that they will never forget.
My husband Bill & our 16 year old daughter were at camp with BMH in Yantai the week before you. They bonded with a few kids who we've been praying over. Bill was able to find out a few of the kids have families coming and he has found them and given them priceless info about their kids. One family said they prayed a Christian would come and be with their daughter before they came for her. Bill was an answer to their prayer. And I believe you were an answer to prayer too.
Hopefully the jet lag will not linger too long. Praying for you to find some sleep and feel "normal" again (if that is possible). I know camp changes you. I do believe for the better.
Blessing! Debbie

TanyaLea said...

oh that re-entry is brutal stuff! I hope you are feeling rested now, and that you got that steak and potato date night with your hubby that you were longing for!! ;)

But let me just say: NO REGRETS Ginny...NO regrets! Hind-sight is always 20/20, but you made an impact on lives in ways you may never know on this side of Heaven... and now, you have connected your readers to these children, too... so we can pray for them, as well. And the power of prayer is immeasurable and one of the best gifts you can give them right now. God brought you there for such a time as this, and I know that the impact was greater than you realize!

I TOTALLY think you need to put together that photo album for Yuan Yuan and maybe another letter with your thoughts of her now that you are back home. I think it will bless and encourage her more than you know. Lay hands on that gift and pray for God's anointing to be upon it before you send it off to her. I would love to be a fly on the wall when she gets it!

You have such a beautiful and very real, down-to-earth heart, and I have enjoyed reading every post of your journey. Please keep me posted on any updates about Yuan Yuan, she has really left a mark on my heart just from reading about her here, and I know she represents one of many young ladies just like her. But YOU made a difference in the life of this ONE! God bless you, Ginny, and know you are in my prayers, as well!!

Blessings and Hugs,
~ Tanya

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