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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Snapshot- Week 1

It was a good first week of school.  I figure 2 greats and 1 lonely probably equals a good all around week.

Jack got the 1 teacher he was scared of because he had seen her in the hall the year before getting her class in order.  I assured him that a teacher who has firm control of her class is our kind of teacher.  After one week, he completely agrees.  His 2 comments from the week-
1. "I really like math.  I think that is my favorite subject."
2. "I like 3rd grade because we don't have a long recess.  It is too hot out there for recess."

When I found out Sam's teachers name, I texted a friend who used to teach at the school and she replied that Sam's teacher is the same teacher she chose for her daughter. SCORE!

She has been teaching for a long time which is a good thing because I have a feeling Sam will be a bit of a challenge for her.  He made a new friend this week that he says he likes to joke around with.  This same friend got in trouble this week for climbing under the bathroom stall to see if the other boy had Transformers on his underwear too.  Sounds like Sam has met his match.

His favorite part of the day has been P.E.

With the boys gone, Ruthie and I have had extra girl time.  I have tried to entertain her with outings and play dates but every time I stop for a minute to get something done, she looks up at me and so sadly says, "I miss my bubbas."   I think this sweet child is so used to being entertained that she has forgotten how to play by herself.  

Looking forward to seeing what week 2 holds.

Sunday Snapshot


Ashton said...

So cute!
Hoping school continues to go well!

Cora said...

sounds like a great start to the new school year!

Martha said...

The photos are awesome

Shonni said...

He has the most beautiful blue eyes!!!!

Merrill said...

Sounds like a good first week! The story about climbing under the bathroom stalls sounds like a story out of my classroom!

Holly S. said...

A great start, indeed.

Lori said...

Sounds like a great week!

Dianne said...

Looks like a good start to a great year. And for some fun one on one girl time!

Suzy said...

Oh, Ruthie. I know just how you feel! Nice pictures.

Rachel said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! OMG Luke told me the story about the kid crawling under the stall and I thought he was making it up! That is HILARIOUS!!!! Even more funny is that I think that is the son of the teacher that Sophie and Luke has (tee hee) Those kids are so stinkin' cute and funny! Luke said he talked to Sam the other day and he was "funny" I always get the behavior report every day and it cracks me up. It really going to be a great year! Tell Jack not to worry because he has the sweetest teacher ever---promise!

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