Monday, September 12, 2011

Part 2 Pictures and Ponderings Through Europe

I forgot to mention yesterday that we took a cruise to each of these locations.  I guess that was fairly obvious by the picture on the boat but in case you wanted to give me credit for backpacking, I needed to clear that up. :)

Our 2nd port was Cannes, France. Trent and I didn't spend very much time in Cannes but instead took a train to Monaco.

 This (below) is the Saint Devota chapel and dates back to 1070.   Saint Devota is the patron saint of Monaco and was a christian martyr whose body arrived in Monaco by boat.  They honor her through an annual ceremony.

I remember when I was child watching the Grace Kelly movie with my mother and my sister several times.  Well this is the Grimaldi family castle where prince Albert lives and where they family has lived for centuries.  That tour was pretty darn fascinating.  

This is the Monaco cathedral where Princess Grace was married and is buried.

Monaco is a really fascinating place.  It is super clean and has a very low to non-existant crime rate.  Perhaps this is in part due to the fact that it has the largest police force per capita in the world.  There are also security cameras all over the city.  Oh and did I mention that almost every car we saw was a luxury vehicle? Oh and the yachts were fabulous too!

Monaco was a favorite stop for sure.  Now just to find a relative who can move there so I can go back and visit them regularly. :)

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Holly S. said...

What a perfect sculpture to find! I hope you do find a relative there....then maybe I can borrow your relative for a visit too.