Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pictures and Ponderings through Europe part 3

The next 2 days we went to Corsica, Barcelona, and Montserrat.

Below is a cathedral in Corsica.

Sitting inside this cathedral was a really powerful moment for us as we were both struck by the sense of majesty we felt there.  At moments like that my eyes are opened to the realization that the historic church had a better grasp on reverence for Christ than we have in some of today's worship environments.

This was taken outside of Montserrat.  Montserrat is a monastery on the top of a mountain outside Barcelona. To say that it is a cool place is an understatement. 

The views are spectacular and it is rich with history and stories of God's favor.

There is one story in Montserrat of a group of children who witnessed an event in a cave where Mary appeared to them.  What was left in the cave was this statue.  Thousands of pilgrims travel to Montserrat to see the black Madonna. 

The cathedral there is also spectacular.  The statues on the front represent the monks who lost their lives defending Montserrat during war times.  

I really didn't take any pictures in Barcelona because I was so busy holding my husband's hand and shopping. :)


Holly S. said...

Two really good reasons to NOT take photos.
Loved these.

Melissa said...

These pictures are just gorgeous!