Monday, February 13, 2012

My Star Student

Sam was chosen to be the Star Student in his class last week.  This might sound like a normal routine Kindergarten experience for most of us, but for this kid, this was the event of the year.  He has been dying to be the Star Student.  Every Monday he would come home and tell me who his teacher picked that week and how sad he was that it wasn't him.

Then on Monday he climbed into the car with a "guess what mom!"  Our conversation went something like this.
Me- So how is being the Star Student?
Sam- I think everyone in my class was pleased with how I did.
Me- What was your favorite part?
Sam- Being line leader was fun but it was hard knowing when she wanted me to stop.

Sam's teacher told me the next day that when she announced him being Star Student that he stood up and said, "I am really excited but I can't help but think of my classmates who still haven't gotten a chance to be the Star Student."

And to finish up his exciting week, he got to bring home the class alligator for the weekend.  Oh how I love that little guy and how he takes in every ounce of every experience. 


Brooke said...

That is precious!! I hope my students love school as much as your little guy seems to! :)

Holly S. said...

Good job, Sam! I love your attitude!

BrOwN CiRcUs said...

That is so sweet! I love how considerate and aware he is of others.