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Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Redeemer and The "Stupid" Maker

What is your favorite attribute of God? As you can see from my title, mine is God as Redeemer.
Jack and I were talking about this just the other day when he asked the very legitimate question of why should he worship God when God gave him his "stupid" legs?  I don't blame him for asking that and I am glad that he is comfortable enough to go ahead and say it out loud.

I explained to him that God did not give him the "stupid" part of his legs.  God created him perfectly in His image.  God is perfect creator.  Then Satan the perverter (or "stupid" maker) took God's creation and perverted it to give us things like cancer and hereditary spastic paraplegia.  Then comes the really good part of the story.  It doesn't end there.  God is not only creator but after the Fall, He is also Redeemer!  I explained to Jack that God is going to use his challenges to make Jack into an even better person who can do even greater things with greater purposes.  I don't know how He is going to do it, but I know that He is because I have seen Him do it before and that is who He is.

I was working on my Bible study and saw a great example of this in the New Testament.  If you look at Acts 11:19-21 you see where the early believers were being persecuted and so they had to flee and scatter to other places.  Satan meant this to interrupt the message of Jesus.  Do you know what happened next?  Yep, God the Redeemer used this for his purposes to deliver the message of Jesus Christ to lands far away who had not heard of him yet.  The "stupid" maker had one plan, but the Redeemer always wins.

Yep, my favorite attribute is Redeemer.

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Karen Grace said...

Love this! The "Stupid Maker" is a good name for our adversary and I love how our Redeemer causes ALL things to work for our good! Tell your little man to keep being excellent in what is good and innocent of evil and the God of Peace will soon crush the "Stupid Maker" underneath your/his feet! (Romans 16:19) Hugs! Karen Grace

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