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Monday, August 25, 2014

First Day Memories and Hopes for a Great Year

Today I sent the big 3 off to their first day.  Like most of our summer, it didn't quite fit the motion picture I would have written for us, but it was sweet in its own special way.  Trent was at the hospital this morning with Maggie and I managed the send off just fine.   The last few years I have planned a photo shoot around the first day or even made a video to share our experience.  This year, I was really proud of myself when I remembered to pull out my camera.

 Jack had to leave early to catch the carpool for his first year of intermediate school.  He was super excited and that was a real blessing to this nervous mother's heart.  His enthusiasm was evident in his willingness to even stop and let me take his picture.  We did, and he was off.  I am praying it is a great year for him and that God places some sweet friends in his path.

Ruthie was none too excited about waking up early or having her picture taken.  I believe she is the most nervous about this day as she was not her usual expressive self.  She has had a rough summer and I am praying for a year of confidence building for her.  She has a great teacher and that gives me real peace.

Sam woke up as sweet as ever.  He is excited about his teachers and to have so many of his friends in his class.  He has already told me that he wants to learn to play guitar, learn to play the piano, win the spelling bee, and be in the high school musical this year.  I love his ambitious spirit and zest for life.  I am praying for responsibility for him this year.  He will be switching classes for the first time so getting where he needs to be with everything in tow might be a bit of a challenge. 

Trent left notes for the kids to open this morning.  Jack read his before he left and said, "that's cool".  His heart was in a good place and I am certain Trent's words contributed to that.  Sam and Ruthie read theirs too and it was an equally sweet time.

Sam wouldn't hold my hand on the walk to school.  Apparently he is too old for that 3 years before his brother figured out I wasn't cool anymore.

I love those kids and I trust that God has them right where they are supposed to be.  I doubt it will go like I see it in my head (because it rarely does), but I believe it will go exactly like it is supposed to.


Anonymous said...

great kids - great parents - goober

Barb Hardeman said...

I love your heart! You are going up and over the mountains, not around and around. Life is so challenging, isn't it? You are fearless, courageous and so transparent. Thank you! You encourage me to walk so much closer to Jesus in the same way. I can only hope my life will be such a witness of the goodness of God.

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