Thursday, October 23, 2014

It's My Sister's Fault

We have a new Henderson and it really is my sister's fault. :)

It started when my sister kept Sam and Ruthie for a week while Maggie was in the hospital.  

A few weeks later she called me with a statement that went something like, "You know your kids really love my dog, and she doesn't get played with here anymore, and I was wondering if you would like to have her because we are going to give her away." 

I knew already that they loved the dog because they talked about her a lot and wanted to see the dog on Skype.  Maggie even loved the "go go" (Chinese for dog) and asked to see her when we chatted with Aunt Johnette.

I mentioned it to the kids and they were ecstatic.  We had previously talked about getting a Golden Retriever so the deal was if we got Abby, then there would be no other dogs.  I thought Sam would back out but he was completely fine with it.

At that point, I figured I was ahead.  Abby is smaller than a Golden, can be bathed in a sink, is free, is NOT a puppy, doesn't eat a lot, and is housebroken.  So while it might have appeared that I was crazy by taking on something else, I actually won. :)  Oh and her poop is smaller! That is a big deal when you live on a lot the size of a postage stamp.

Let me tell you, it has gone even better than I expected.  She doesn't jump on you, rarely barks, obeys my commands, and is great with the kids.  She even won Trent and Jack over in just a week.  That is a skill.

So meet Abigail Adams Henderson.  Our newest princess.

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