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Saturday, October 25, 2014

She is Fine, but...

It has been an eventful 18 hours.

We were playing in the front yard last night with the neighbors.  Maggie asked for a drink so Jack volunteered to take her inside to get one.  He was carrying her across the yard when he tripped over the dog leash and fell on top of her.  It was immediately clear that her arm was broken. 

Trent and I scooped her up and rushed to the ER.  We were headed to Texas Children's when she suddenly went unconscious.  Trent detoured and stopped at a closer hospital and they placed us in an ambulance for the rest of the transport.  We aren't sure what happened.  My theory is that all of the adrenaline and screaming threw her heart out of rhythm and she passed out.  

We got home about 3:30 last night.  She has 2 fractures and her elbow is displaced but we won't know a plan until we follow up with orthopedics next week.  They called us this morning to return to the ER but then called again when we were almost there and said to wait.  So we are in a bit of a holding pattern and managing her discomfort with lots of ice cream. 

Here are a few observations from this experience:

1. We are never moving.  Once again my neighbors ran to our rescue, locked up our house, fed our other 3 and even sat at our home until we returned at 3:30 am.  It takes a village and we have found ours.  They are stuck with us.

2. I am ready for October to end.  Crazy stuff always happens to us in October.  When we lived in Waco, we were told that the occult in Waco prayed against (or whatever they do) the pastors in the area during October and sure enough we sensed it.  Could someone please tell them (the Waco occult people whoever they are) that we moved and they can retire our doll and leave us alone?

3. I am thankful for the insurance out-of-pocket max.    Really, really thankful. So thankful that I may vote Democrat if the Republicans threatened to take it away. :)

4. Jack is a great brother.   He didn't mean to drop her and felt awful about it.  He has been taking great care of her this morning and I believe she has discovered that she has a slave for as long as she can work the victim angle.   In the car she would yell "Jack! More ice cream!".  Right now he is singing Frozen tunes with her in her room.  She is smarter than we realized.

5. Whenever God clears my schedule I need to pack a bag.   I remember once a few years ago that my schedule cleared for no apparent reason and then my grandmother died.  I have seen that trend since then in less serious situations and then again this weekend.  All of my photography clients had to reschedule from this weekend for one reason or another.  Instead of filling the spots, I decided to take a quiet weekend with the family.  Ha! God had other plans and I should have guessed it was coming.

6. I need the church roster so I can send out disclaimer emails.  I feel like I miss more church than I am able to attend these days.  A few weeks ago someone was sick.  Last week I worked the nursery and this week I will be home with Maggie and the unstable arm.  As the pastors wife, I fear the assumptions probably more than I should.  So, I won't be in the church service once again.  It is kinda hard to take turns staying home when your husband is the pastor.  Don't worry.  Trent and I are okay and I still love Jesus. :) I will be back.  Someday.

Maggie is going to be fine.  There is a decent chance that she will have some kind of procedure next week to fix her elbow.  It is her left arm which stinks because it is a big fat interruption to therapy.  You can pray she heals quickly.  This did not take God by surprise and probably shouldn't have taken us by surprise either.  After all, God cleared my schedule AND it's October!


Sherry said...

Your church totally understands. I know them well.

jane kemp said...

Ginny, I so appreciate the honesty you and Trent have exhibited through these times. Church leaders & church members, everyone in fact, has trials & struggles. Our fears, failures, questions, grief, anger, etc. processed through the truth of Jesus can be shared w/ others. In doing so, you encourage others to be honest and in that honesty Jesus can meet them where they are at & bring healing, comfort, peace & direction.

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