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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Closure Puzzle

Putting closure to our summer has felt a bit like completing a puzzle where I am given one piece at a time with each milestone.  Every follow-up visit to Texas Children's Hospital where we are discharged from the care of another team is a piece of the puzzle.  Getting Maggie's IV removed was a big piece and another was when she took her first steps alone.  I am given new pieces daily and one of the best came last weekend. 

When Maggie was in the hospital, we missed our annual family vacation to celebrate Ruthie's gotcha day.  We were supposed to go to San Antonio to visit Sea World and just relax.  We made that visit up this last weekend and in true redemptive fashion, I think it was probably better than it would have been in July. 

The weather was PERFECT! Sea World was empty on Friday and the kids walked right up to all of the rides. That definitely would not have happened in July.

The day before we left, the front desk assistant at Ruthie's dentist appointment told me about lunch with Shamu.  I didn't know about that in July. 

Our family was able to dine next to Shamu's pool and watch a semi-private show.  The kids asked questions of the trainers and saw Shamu much closer than they would have had we gone in July. 

Maggie had up-close and personal time with the cast of Sesame Street but she was not as enthusiastic about it as I had anticipated.  

 And because we weren't in a hurry and did not have any lines, we had time to just stop and enjoy the scenery.  Sam even managed to charm a duck.

Just one more reason why my favorite quality of God is that of Redeemer.  Now to complete that puzzle. 

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