Friday, June 26, 2015

Bolivia- Day 2

Our team is starting out every morning with a devotional.  Today's topic was giving our all to Jesus and His calling.   As I look back on the day, I can say that is exactly what my team did.  Once again they worked hard, without complaining, and saw God move.

We started our day at the baby house where we played with babies, worked on Life Books, and participated in some staff training. The staff was very responsive to Gwen's training and Gwen did a great job at discerning their needs.  When the morning was coming to a close, we were already talking about the next trip and possible training that could be done to build on the foundation that she had laid there.

Our afternoon was spent at the newest home.  It holds 22 kids who were previously at another orphanage that had to be shut down.  They are now in a better home and getting excellent care.  Shelly and I repeated our program of using the Life Books to help the kids see their value to each other and in Christ.  I don't have many pictures that I can share here as I am trying to protect the privacy of the kids, but here is one less than attractive one of me facilitating a time of affirmation between the kids.

We divided the kids into groups of 4-5 and listened as the affirmed each other.  The little sweet heart that I am looking at here was in the first group but kept sneaking back into the others to tell me what she liked about her friends there.  You gotta love that.

Our men on the team not only finished their shelves but also reorganized the missionaries entire garage to help him access supplies needed for the 5 homes and baby washing ministry.  I was kicking myself for not getting a before picture but trust me that they exceeded expectations here.

Tomorrow we will participate in a ministry called baby washing where the missionaries set up tents in the middle of the city and wash the babies of the families who come down from the mountains.  We stuffed some awesome gift bags for the families tonight and you can pray that they feel the love of Jesus from our time and our gifts there tomorrow.

Pushing on to finish well and thankful for your prayers.

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