Saturday, June 20, 2015

Her Father

Theologians (the smart people) say that your relationship with your earthly father sets the tone for how you relate to your God as Father.  For example, if your earthly father is authoritarian, you will see God as domineering.  If your earthly father is relationally distant, you will see God as unapproachable and if your earthly father is the greatest thing since sliced bread then your understanding of God as Father will be pretty awesome too.  Enter, Maggie and her daddy.

How Maggie Will See God as Father if the Smart Guys are Right

1. She will know that following closely behind him will always lead to an adventure and 
walking right beside him will bring her the best companion for the journey.

2. She will find security in his arms and comfort on his chest.

3. She will believe, without question, that she is deeply loved.

4. She will know a father who delights in her and loves to be in her presence.

5. She will trust his words and live her life from his example.

6. And no matter how old she grows, what choices she makes, or where her life takes her, 
she will know that his love for her will never change.

 If the smart guys are right, I don’t worry about my children’s perception of God as Father because God has given them an amazing example.

Happy Father's Day Trent.  We love and appreciate you.

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