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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Snotty Nose Be Gone!!

Ruthie has had a runny nose for weeks, but no fever. Scottish Rite said it would need to be clear for her surgery, but we could not give her an antibiotic because that would suggest that she has an infection. We started her on Claritin friday and it really seemed to clear things up until last night. She coughed on and off most of the night and seemed pretty congested but we played outside yesterday so I am still going on the theory that it is allergies since she has no other symptoms. All that said, I still have to get rid of that darn runny nose before Tuesday so please pray that it clears up or that if it is an infection, that she shows other signs. I just don't want to get all the way to Dallas and have surgery canceled because of clear drainage.

The plan is to go to Waco on Monday, Dallas on Tuesday, surgery on Wednesday, and God willing home on Thursday. I will keep you updated here. Thanks as always for praying and caring.

Now, of course, a few pictures from yesterday

Ruthie looking out the window at Max our dog. She is still terrified of the "go go" but doesn't mind studying him from a safe distance.

I took Sam to Pottery Barn Kids yesterday to meet some Star Wars characters. Weeks ago he was trying to convince me that Luke Skywalker is stronger than God because he has the force. So we had to break it to him that Star Wars is not real and God is real. Well, on the way to meet the characters, he kept saying, "but they aren't real". I told him that the story isn't real, but the characters are real and used the Miley Cirrus is Hannah Montana example. He bought it just in time to be completely Star Wars star struck by his hero Obi Wan. I wish he could stay 4 forever.

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Eleanor said...

Your talk really must of worked cause we had a discussion about Indiana Jones this morning before Sunday School and how he is not real . Oh how I have missed our little talks, what a sweet little guy he is :), We are praying for Ruthie especially ths week!

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