Sunday, October 25, 2009

Trent Meets Lydia

Trent just spent as week in England and now he is back to this crazy life of ours. While he was there, he got to do several very important things, I'm sure. But the one thing that I was most interested in was his Thursday meeting with the Cuozzos and of course miss Lydia Hope.

One of the absolute coolest parts of this adoption experience has been the relationships we have formed along the way. When we prayed and entered the process of adopting Ruthie, I had no idea that we would form such bonds with others walking the same road. The Cuozzos are a ministry family living in England who were matched with Lydia Hope within days of our match with Ruthie. Naomi and I walked through the PA, RA, and TA waits together as we prayed for each other's daughters, wept over delays, and celebrated gotcha days.

So when Trent was given the opportunity to take a ministry trip to England, it was a must that he connect with this wonderful family we have shared so much life with over the last year. To say that I am jealous is a clear understatement, but I am so glad that Trent was able to see them and that they were able to make the drive to meet him.

Naomi posted pictures and wrote about it on her blog Lydia Hope.

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TanyaLea said...

I seen Naomi's post, too! What a wonderful gift that your hubby was able to hook up with them while there. God is so faithful at orchestrating things like that! I can understand a little envy at his fun trip and getting to visit your friends. What a blessing though, indeed! <><