Saturday, December 18, 2010

In Case You Missed It

We got a call yesterday inviting Jack to join the NBC weatherman at 5:00 for the evening broadcast.  It was so much fun watching Jack take it all in and then  THEY LET HIM DO THE WEATHER!

Here is the link to the video


The Richerts said...

Wow...... What a great experience! Thanks for sharing.

groovy mama said...

That is WONDERFUL!!!

Happy for you all!

groovy mama said...

Okay i had to leave another comment! I just watched 'weatherman JACK'

I cried tears of happiness for that child of yours! HOW SWEET! What lucky little boy and proud parents you must be!
hugs and Merry Christmas

The Raudenbush Family said...

That is SO cool!

Naomi said...

So I have been away from your blog way too long..... and all I have got to say about this one is WOW!!! Way to go Jack!! You are amazing!!

I will never forget his interview he did with my children!! He is certainly a celebrity!! You must be so pleased with him!!

Well done,
love Naomi and family!

Melissa said...

That was amazing...we know you are so proud of him! We are too!
Merry Christmas!