Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sunday Snapshot- Our Trip to KPRC

Ni Hao Y'all

After we won the White Christmas from the Weather Channel, KPRC invited Jack to come participate in the weather forecast (link in the previous post). Of course this mom had to take her camera along.

Here he is with the anchor Dominique Sachse.  She called him "Weather Jack" and he thought that was so cool.

Getting his microphone on

My boy at the anchor desk

A sick Sam with his dad at the sports desk

Jack with the meteorologist Frank Billingsley.  He was so good with Jack and very kind.

This has been an experience we will never forget and we are still one week from Christmas and the actual event.


Leisel said...

love the BU shirt :)

Amanda M. said...

hi! Found your blog through an article announcing your win! SO cool that you won this contest! this is our first year in TX after living in WI our entire lives so this is our first year withOUT a white Christmas! :)