Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Snapshot- The Rocket

Ni Hao Yall

"Full speed ahead" and "in the clouds" are 2 phrases we have used often to describe our middle child, Sam.  That is why we thought it was perfect when a friend suggested that parenting Sam is like putting fins on a rocket.

This child absolutely loves life and that may be the only thing we have in common (oh and we both don't eat vegetables)

I believe that every item in the house has a place.  Sam believes that the place for every item is wherever he set it down when he was last finished with it.

I think bedtime is a gift from God.  Sam thinks it is an interruption to his fun.

My first instinct in parenting Sam was to try and make him more like me, but that would be a mistake. Sam is a rocket.  I don't need to change his full speed ahead view of life.  I just need to put fins on it so he actually lands somewhere productive.

For example, my goals is not his behavior but his heart.  He may never put everything in its proper place, but he can learn to be a good steward of what God has given him.

I love my little rocket and I can't wait to see what journeys he has for us.


More Kids 4 Me said...

Cute Sunday Snapshot!! And I love the kid quote of the week!!!

Rebecca said...

Looks like a lovely time!

Lisa said...

A very wise woman once told me that Emily was like fireworks. If she's pointed in the right directions she will be a beautiful display of God's glory. If not, well things may get burned. I think she and Sam may have a lot in common.