Friday, February 4, 2011

Thoughts on Editing AND The Forbidden Gardens Part 3

When I was in the 6th grade, my friends and I discovered the world of make-up.  My theory early on was if a little make up made me look better than a lot of make up must make me look real good.  One day my sister came home from college and kindly addressed the paint on my face by telling me that my goal shouldn't be for people to say "that my make up looks good" but instead to say that "you are a pretty girl".   I heard my sister loud and clear and truthfully I wear very little make up now.

I remembered that the other day when I crossed a new line in photo editing.  I discovered photoshop about a year ago and was immediately drawn to all of the crazy things I could do with my pictures.  More recently I have discovered that my goal is not for people to say "I love your edits" but instead to say "wow that is a great picture".  I still do a little crazy stuff every now and then because I know that some clients like that but for the most part I am becoming a fan of subtle enhancements.  

Here are some more pictures from The Forbidden Gardens.  Funny thing is that these aren't edited at all.  I have been editing wedding photos all week and just didn't get to enhance these in time.

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Jenn said...

Love the pictures!! :)

And I love those little Chinese palaces. I would so love one in my garden outside! If you find out if you can purchase any of them anywhere...let me know!!!!