Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sunday Snapshot- The Cowboy

I am pretty convinced after watching him try to rope a fake cow that he is not going to make his millions in the rodeo.

So we will keep working on his musical talent so he can be the guy whose concert is after the rodeo so the event people can try and convince us to come early for the cow roping.  Trust me, it took Taylor Swift to get me to my first rodeo 2 years ago.

There is another cool note on my boy from Friday.  He brought home his school work from the week and in it was a page titled, "If I Were President of a New Country".  The way he filled it out made us so proud.

First Question:  The rules would be?
Jack's Answer: "That you can not say anything untrue about God"

2nd question: Because...
Jack's Answer: "God died on the cross for us so we should do something for him"

That's my boy! I am crazy about that kid.


Melody Lietzau said...

Love his responses! What a sweet boy.

Jen said...

Love it - and I'm loving your Kid Quote of the week as well. That sounds like something I'd hear from one of my kids...