Tuesday, February 1, 2011

FG Part 2- Terra Cotta Warriors

The first part of the exhibit is within the walls of a Forbidden City like structure and then it moves outside to the Terra Cotta Warriors. There are 4000 miniature warriors that are a replica of what an emperor built to protect himself in the afterlife.

If it looks like she is falling into the palace here, it is because she is. :)

Jack the warrior.

Of course my children discovered things like pine cones, rocks, and a big hill to climb along the way.

Looks like one warrior lost the battle.  We didn't fall into this one, it was like this on the side of the exhibit.

My other warrior.

Not a warrior at all.  Just a beautiful princess.

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Lisa said...

I so wish it wasn't a six hour drive to Houston and I'm so sad that they are tearing it down. We are thinking about a road trip in that direction this Summer and it's sad that it won't be there :0( Beautiful pictures though!