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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Snapshot- Forbidden Gardens

Ni Hao Yall

You may have been to the Forbidden City, but you have probably never been to the Forbidden Gardens.

You have probably never even heard of the Forbidden Gardens.

It is not as big as the original...

But it is a great replica of the Forbidden City and Terra Cotta Warriors

If you think you might like to go and take your little Chinese princess, you better go soon.

Because they are tearing down this multi-million dollar exhibit to expand a road.

Yep, all of these artifacts are being auctioned off and the permanent structures are being bull dozed.

So if you live near the Houston area, I recommend that you head over and check it out before the end of February when they close their gates. 

We pulled Jack out of school on Friday and took a family field trip to check it out.  Jack kept saying that he was going to the Mulan Gardens.   

Ruthie loved all of the little replica houses that were all over the park.  It made me wonder where I might find an authentic Chinese palace doll house.

So as usual, I have lots of pictures left.  I figure in honor of Chinese New Year, I will post more over the next few days for those of you who might live a little too far from Houston to visit yourself.

You may have to put up with a few "pretty girl" moments.

And then we will get back to the history stuff.  This was Sam's favorite part- the weapons room.

And Jack loved the music room.

Ruthie loved the little houses.

Thanks for staying with me for all 19 pictures.  There is more to come...


Melissa said...

How fun! It's a shame it's being torn down. :(

Lee Ann said...

You should try to get one of the houses for her when they are auctioned off!

Sammons said...

Really sad!! But gosh is she ever CUTE!!!!!!!!

Cedar said...

That seems like a truly awesome place. So sad it is being torn down. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

groovy mama said...

I think you should get a few of those little houses what fun that would be to play with...Again, Ruthie is just to adorable for words!
Happy CNY

Stefanie said...

LOVELY pictures! So sad they are tearing it down, but so glad you got to visit and get such great shots of your beautiful kiddos enjoying the "Mulan Gardens" - love that ;)

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