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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Funny Things my Kids Said in 2011

Funny Things my Kids Said in 2011

Me- "Sam I got you a Happy Meal"
Sam- "What's a Happy Meal?"
Me- "It means you get a toy too"
Sam- "Cool. I bet it's an iPad"

Sam told me yesterday, "There is a problem with my teachers.  They are telling me everything they know but they aren't giving me a chance to tell them everything I know.  That means I am smarter than them now."

< On Sunday I told Ruthie to come here so I could fix her hair. She asked me, "what about your hair?".  I replied that my hair was already done. 
That is when my sweet daughter said, "Well it doesn't look very good".

Sam told me yesterday, "I know why they call them verses.  It is because the Bible is about God verses Satan. Right?"

I was trying to motivate Sam to clean his room so I set a timer for 30 minutes and told him that I was going to pay Jack $3 from Sam's money to clean up whatever was left on his floor when the timer went off. 
Sam's response- "I would rather pay the money"

Sam- "Mom why won't you buy me a Nintendo DS?"
Me- "Because I don't want to spend that kind of money on a game system that doesn't teach you something."
Sam- "It teaches me something. It teaches me how to play it."

I asked Ruthie yesterday, "Do you need to go potty?"
She replied, "I already did last week"

Sam walked in my room today and said, "Mom you are a photographer and Peter Parker is also a photographer but he is also Spiderman. Are you Spiderman too?"
I didn't know how to answer him so I just smiled.
About 30 minutes later he returned and in an effort I think to get me to confess, he said "So do you like to be called Spiderman or Spidergirl?"

I told Jack on Thursday night that he needed to pick up his room because the housekeeper was coming on Friday and she might think anything on the floor was trash and throw it away.  
On Friday, Jack was walking out the door for school and told me, "Instead of picking up, I left her a note."
Sure enough he wrote a note on his chalkboard that said "Do not throw any of this stuff away" with arrows pointing in every direction.

Sam has lost his Wii privilege a few times this week so the other day while we were driving I guess he was pondering that when he asked, "Next time I am in trouble, can I lose my school privilege?"

Sam asked me the other day what other churches he had gone to.  I told him that when he was little he attended a church called Highland.  
He asked, "how many crosses do they have on their building?"
I said, "I am not sure, why?"
He replied, "because if they have more than 2, that means they are real Jesus lovers."

Ruthie hurt her chin the other day so we couldn't go to the beach.  Sam asked why not and I told him because we can't get Ruthie's chin wet or I will have to pay another $25 to re-glue it back together.  
Sam responded, "I have $25 I can give you for that".

Sam- "mom I love you more than the tv"
Me- "Thanks Sam. Do you love me more than the Wii?
Sam- (after a long pause) "Well um sorta"

Trent and Sam were at the car wash the other day and Sam kept insisting that he get out and go touch a particular sign. 
When Trent asked why, he said "because if we touch that sign we get a free car wash.  See touch free car wash"

Sam- Mom I need a "booby" pin
Me- You need a what?!?
Sam- I made a bow for Ruthie and I need a "booby" pin to put it in her hair

The kids were playing city this morning and this is what I heard...
Jack- "I want to be the teacher"
Sam- "I get to be the policeman"
Ruthie- "I am the garbage man!"

Me- "Ruthie do you have friends in your new class"
Ruthie- "Oh yes and there are LOTS of boys!"

TV- what are you thankful for?
Ruthie yells back- My daddy!

Me- What do you want to be when you grow up?
Ruthie- A princess or maybe a bumble bee

Sam-"who is that you are editing?"
Me- "His name is Aiden. He is 1 year old"
Sam- "Well I know what he is going to look like when he grows up because I have an Aiden in my class"

Me- "Sam there are a lot of cute girls in your class"
Sam- "What about ____?"
Me- "I don't know who that is. "
Sam- "Mom she is really smart."
Me- "That's my boy!"

Sam- Hey that's my name
Me- Yes that is the Sam Houston tollway
Sam- Wow I am important

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