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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sunday Snapshot- Shutter Speed

Ni Hao Yall

I have been playing a lot with my new camera.  On Friday I decided to experiment with shutter priority (Tv) since I spend most of time normally in aperture priority (Av).   So I figured I would share with you how different shutter speeds affected my pictures.

This first set is Sam jumping from the stairs to our living room.

Shutter speed= 1/2000.  Notice how sharp Sam is with the faster shutters speed

Shutter speed- 1/4.  I love how you can barely see Sam who is moving here but Ruthie is still clear with this slower shutter speed.

After he jumped off the stairs, Sam ran in front of the camera a few times for me.  I kept the shutter speed slow in this one at 1/3.  Notice how only his foot is in focus.  Now we know how the special effects people make it look like there are ghosts in the room.

When I raised the shutter speed back to 1/2000 we can see my smiling Jedi a lot better.

Of course I had to let Ruthie participate.  Here she is twirling at 1/200.

And then at 1/4.  Like Sam's pictures we actually start to completely lose some of her body parts with the slower shutter speed but we can see some cool motion in her left arm.

Those of you who only shoot in automatic are probably wondering what's the purpose in all of this shutter speed stuff.  Well it allows people who are better photographers than me to create some pretty cool affects with their action shots that I hope I will be able to replicate with a little more practice.


Rebecca said...

Wow. Now I want an DSLR...what are they called? I want one of those fancy cameras!

Life with Kaishon said...

You are a good teacher : ) The kids are adorable. Glad you had fun practicing!

Grace said...

Your photo subjects are wonderful and they looked like they had a great time.

Lisa said...

Well, I think you did a great job! Really cool! You know my 13 year old daughter did the same thing this week...jumping over stairs...however she did NOT have the same effect. She is now sporting a short orthopedic boot and starts rehab Tuesday...:)

Daisy Dreams said...

I really need to step out of my comfort zone and start shooting in manual!!

Lauren said...

This is a great little glimpse into the endless possibilities of photography! I love the joy on your kids faces! :)

Stefanie said...

Very cool! I've never done that before! Moved right into manual and played around with Av and Tv modes... but it looks like fun!

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