Friday, January 14, 2011


Shortly after Trent and I got married, we got a dog.  I remember having to sit across from the dog's original owner for several hours while he instructed us in how to feed, walk, bathe, register, brush, etc the dog.  Then when it came time for us to leave with the dog, the owner announced that we would have to wait one more week.  Trent and I thought that was pretty funny and dialogued on the way home about how crazy that man was.  After all, it was just a dog!

It took 12 years, but I think I finally understand that man's motivation.  You see, I decided yesterday to sell my first digital SLR.  This was my baby for several years.  It was where I learned to go from snapping pictures in automatic to capturing life moments manually.  Like that man and his dog, I have memories with this camera.  This camera has faithfully served me well.  Last night as we were going to sleep, Trent laughed at me for being a little sad to see my camera go.   What can I say, I guess I am sentimental.

So like the man who made me sit through the dog caring lesson, I am going to do a digital photography lesson with the new owner of my camera.  Poor girl.   Maybe in 12 years she will understand.

I wonder if Jack will be as sentimental some day over his 1st guitar.  These were taken when Trent was teaching him chords the other day.

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delawaregirl said...

I can understand. I am sentimental also. That's why I still have the infant carseat that carried all our babies home from the hospital. Thank you, Ginny!