Friday, May 13, 2011

AWANA Awards Night

My kiddos participate in a program at our church called AWANAs.  Each week they go to learn about the Bible, memorize verses, and play.  This was the last week of AWANAs for this school year and so I wanted to share a few pics from their award night.

Ruthie had her first year as a Cubbie and she loved it.  I asked her one night what she learned in Cubbies and she said that she learned that she like Fruit Loops and we need to get some.  Apparently snack time made a big impression.

Here she is getting her book 1 award.

Sam really surprised me with how well he did.  I was concerned that he wouldn't have the self-discipline for scripture memory, but he sure proved me wrong.  He completed his book, completed the review of his book, and got through 1/2 of the extra credit book.  This picture was taken right after he got his award and about 1/2 a second before he face planted.  

Jack completed Sparks this year which means that he memorized 162 verses, the books of the Old Testament, and the books of the New Testament during his time as a sparky.

They asked him to say something about his AWANA experience.  He did a great job and was even funny when he said that he needed to learn all those verses so he could help his dad when he forgot them.

So proud of each of them!


Holly S. said...

Great job, Hendersons!
I'm really going to miss Jack in Sparks!

Susi said...

Loved reading about your kiddos in Awanas :) and that last pic of Jack is too precious!!