Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Snapshot- First Fishing Trip

Sunday Snapshot

I took Sam and Ruthie to Texarkana this weekend for a much overdue trip.  Jack and Trent stayed home for work and school.  Sam got a fishing rod for his birthday and wanted to take it along to see if his Papa would take him fishing.  I grew up fishing with my family on a lake behind my house so I knew this would be the perfect activity for my dad and Sam.

It all started with a lesson in how to bait your hook.

And then he started swinging casting

That took some practice

But eventually he mastered it

The first time a fish ate his worm, he was so excited because he thought that meant he caught something.

Then we waited

And waited some more but he never actually caught a real fish.

He still had a blast though and wait until I tell you about his next fishing trip the next day.

Oh and don't feel sorry for Ruthie.  She spent most of her time feeding the ducks

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Merrill said...

Feeding the fish fresh worms, ummm...I mean fishing, and feeding the ducks...sounds like a fun way to spend some family time!