Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Black and White Wednesday- Sam's 2nd Fishing Trip

the long road

The day after our very fun but no-fish fishing trip, we went to Shreveport to visit my sister.  She decided we needed to let Sam give fishing another try at one of the lakes in her neighborhood.  And let's just say it was abundantly successful.

Sam and Ruthie both caught fish in the first minute of having their hook in the water.

My sister has the reputation of being a bit of a fishing champion.  She made up a game where Sam had to name each fish he caught for a letter in the alphabet. 

I had no idea how funny that was going to be until he got started.

We had Aimfire, Bandrocker, Candywrapper, and Dogface within the first 5 minutes.


And then it happened.  He caught a catfish!  

After that, I lost track of the names but know that he caught 27 fish before we packed up and headed home.  Why 27?  Because earlier in the week my sister caught 26 and Sam couldn't leave until he beat her record.  

It was a great day and a great way to wrap up a spontaneous fishing weekend.

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Rachelle said...

27 fish! Yikes, that'd take forever. It looks like quite the fun excursion. I love the combination of B&W and color shots in this collection.