Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Snapshot- First Trip to the Library

Sunday Snapshot

My middle child, Sam, has discovered the joy of reading.  In the last 6 months he has started reading at the same level of his big brother and has quickly gone through all of his books.

It has been so fun to watch this unfold in him.  Trent and I find him all over the house with a book in his hand.  I would love to say that this is the result of good parenting, but really he has pursued this all on his own.

For the last year, we have been checking extra books out of the church library, but with summer here, I thought it was time for Sam to make his very first trip to the public library.

I told him about it while we were playing with friends at the park and he told them right then that he had to go.  I was shocked that he was so willing to stop playing in order to go to the library.

He got his very own library card and picked out 3 books for this week. We also signed him up for the summer reading program and he has already completed 2 of his  books and written them down.  His favorites right now are the Magic Tree House series and the Flat Stanley series.

And while Mei Mei is not quite ready to read, she found something to do at the library too.


Life with Kaishon said...

Oh! LOVE this! Reading is such a wonderful thing to get excited about. I hope he continues loving it as he grows!

Merrill said...

So many great books to choose from and new characters to meet! We make weekly trips to the library, especially during the summer months. Enjoy!

Jodi said...

How wonderful!

Jen said...

I adore reading. ADORE it...and somehow neither of my girlies have the same love I!

Kjbikakis said...

So sweet! I'm a huge reader myself! I don't read young adult novels like the rest of my peers do (if any that read haha) i go straight for Adult novels, stuff about adoption, past wars especially the Vietnam war, and any thing that sounds good. Glad Sam has taken such an interest in reading! Happy Sunday!
-Kirstie Bikakis