Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sunday Snapshot

Sunday Snapshot

You might be a photographer if...

1. When you drive around, your eyes are constantly scanning the area around you for possible backdrops for a photo shoot.

We drove to Texarkana last weekend and I saw somewhere I wanted to stop and take a picture about every 15 miles.

I fought the urge until we actually arrived in T-town and I came upon this old barn.

So I planned a return stop the next day and Ruthie agreed.  It probably had more to do with getting out of the car than agreeing to a 10 minute photo shoot, but I am up for whatever motivation works.

Everything was going great as I was considering my composition and lighting until one very memorable moment.

The silence of the area was interrupted by some very distinct rattling/hissing sounds coming from inside the barn.

Yes the rattlesnakes won and we got the heck out of there pretty quickly.


Jen said...

Precious photos!!!!!!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

OH SHE IS SO ADORABLE!! Beautiful photos of sweet little Ruthie....and that location is FABULOUS....although I am sure the rattlesnakes put a damper on things.

Happy Mother's Day Ginny.... have a super special day!



Merrill said...

Beautiful photos! Sorry you were interrupted by those darn legless lizards! I know I would have been out of there pretty darn quick too!

Annie said...

Love it! The pics are so great and I just love old barns too! I also do NOT like snakes!!! LOL!

5ennie said...

I would have ran too!!!! Shudder.
Glad you got some precious pics first :) Here from Sunday Snapshot.

shelley said...

Great photos...I mean look at your model, how could you go wrong with that cuteness?

Martha said...

wonderful photos...i hate snakes...glad you didn't have a close encounter with one

Hailey said...

She is SO cute! Those are gorgeous photos!

Chris said...

Wow, what great pictures!!!

Rattlesnakes....yep, time to get the heck out of there...for sure!