Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Christmas Card Explained

It has been brought to my attention that I need to explain my Christmas card.  Let me just start by saying that we are not adopting again right now and I am not pregnant.  Most of you know that I would love to adopt again as soon as I feel like I am capable but this is not about that.

Trent and I discussed not even doing a Christmas card because it is not like you guys don't see pictures of my children, but then we thought that might be unacceptable for the pastor and the photographer.  So I decided if we were going to do one, it needed to reflect what God has been showing us this year.

We have traveled all over the world since last Christmas, we have had some things that we thought would go one way then go another, and we have continued to struggle with the daily challenges of raising 2 kids with special needs.  Through all that we have seen and walked through this year, the message that  repeatedly comes back to us is that we are abundantly blessed.

So no we are not trying to make an announcement of a growing family but instead sharing the news of growing faith in the one who saved us and orders our days.  It is a message of perspective and blessing. It is the lens through which we choose to view the world and our own lives.  We are counting our blessings. 


KarenD said...

Well, when I saw the front of the card with you two holding the ellipses, I wondered. But then the inside didn't really say anything about that, so I didn't infer at that point. Thanks for explaining. :-)

Rachel said...

I LOVE it!