Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Quick Trip to T-town

I like to make a Christmas trip home to Texarkana each year if I can.  I missed last year because of the White Christmas event so I really wanted to go this year.

There is just something incredible about going home to tall trees, land, and familiar spaces.

And the kids always have a blast doing things that you can't do in the city.

Unfortunately Trent had something come up at work and couldn't go at the last minute.  Jack decided to stay home with him for special bonding time.  So the little ones and I packed up for a quick trip home.

Texarkana doesn't have all the museums, zoos, and theme parks that you find here in Houston.

But that is okay because there we still have fun the old fashioned way and we eat at restaurants that have been around for 50 years where the owner knows your name.

And where else can you put one foot in Texas and one foot in Arkansas at the same time?

Good old fashioned fun.

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