Monday, December 26, 2011

Snow Again in Houston

We had a great Christmas morning.  The kids were super cute opening their presents and playing with their new things.

Ruthie who is now into hats was super excited about her new red one. 

I have to say though that there were multiple times over the weekend when we looked at each other and pondered what we were doing at this time one year ago when we won the Guaranteed White Christmas contest with The Weather Channel.

I couldn't cover our yard with snow this year, but I did find a can of instant snow that we could make in a bowl at the kitchen table.

Dad helped Ruthie make a miniature snowman.

Sam managed to get a lot of his snow onto the floor.

I turned down their request for a snow ball fight but did let them throw snow balls into a bowl.

It wasn't near the same but it was the best we could do this year.

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