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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sometime You Just Have to Laugh

Sunday was an interesting day for us and especially for my Trent.  The first Sunday of every month, we have lunch at the church.  So this week was First Sunday Lunch and as things were beginning to wrap up, the hilarity began.  Trent stepped on stage to take care of something and then it happened.  His pants split.  He managed to step off and escape without anyone noticing.  Almost safe to his office he was stopped by a church member who wanted to visit so my quick on his feet husband said, "let's go to my office so we can sit down."  He then texted me that he needed help.  I interrupted the meeting and Trent informed me of his woes.  We laughed for a minute and then made a plan for him to escape to the car while I went back to the auditorium to gather his things.    

We stepped out of his office and some new members walked by and commented on how he had already untucked his shirt.  My husband quick again said, "Oh yes I am just ready to get home."

On the way back from the the auditorium, I was stopped by another set of friends who needed to visit with my husband over matters that couldn't wait.  So I walked them to his car (in the rain) so they could visit.  I am sure they wondered why he didn't just get up and come back inside.

So here are my husbands split pants from Sunday.   God does have a sense of humor and we have laughed much with him all week over this.

 He told me later that he bought those pants for our engagement party in 1997!  I'd say he got his moneys worth. 


Holly S. said...

I am so upset that we missed out on this. And so glad that he made out ok. I would agree that he certainly did get his money's worth out of those pants!

Mary Lou Court said...

I know what you can get him for Christmas!

Anna Grace said...

That is hilarious!

We miss you guys a ton. Did we tell you we bought a house on Cumberland? I run or drive by your old house at least once a day. Sweet memories!

Melissa said...

All I can think is how jealous I am that he can still fit in pants from 1997! :)

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