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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

B&W Wednesday - A Bit Particular

For this week's black and white Wednesday, I decided to choose a picture that told it's own story about my girl. I colored the important items for you.

To set the stage you need to realize that Sam (4 year old) was the one who got Ruthie out of bed that morning.
Now for the props:
1. See that sweet little hand? Sam managed to get the message from Ruthie that she was not going down stairs until her night splints were removed and so he removed them himself.

2. The beloved bunny had to come to breakfast with her. The bunny replaced Minnie Mouse who replaced Lamby as the favorite and ever present stuffed animal.

3. Notice the bow in her hair? Lately, Ruthie will not eat breakfast until she has a bow in her hair. She just sits there and cries "Boooow" until you put one in. Sam clearly got this message and made sure she had a bow before heading down stairs.

4. Finally, Ruthie used to LOVE bananas. It was one of the first things that she ate for me in China. For some odd reason she has decided this week that she will no longer eat bananas and has even gone as far as to push the rest of her food far enough away that it doesn't touch the dreaded banana.

Lord help us when she becomes a teenager. :)

A Few Prayer Requests/Updates:

1. Jack's Healing- we are still praying for this. I have not updated anything here because nothing has really changed except that he seems to still be progressing. One thing that concerns me right now is that his feet are starting to turn in which is a sign of increasing spasticity. We are so encouraged by the fact that other people are feeling led to pray with us. Please don't stop.

2. For Naomi- She has been waiting for a Visa to return to the states with her family. She was told this morning that she may not be able to move from England to here for 6 months. Please pray for God's provision here.

3. For STS-130- This is the shuttle mission that goes up this Sunday. The pilot, Terry Virts, is a friend of ours and a church member. Please pray for his wife Stacy and their 2 kids. From what I understand, this mission is a little more dangerous than previous ones because they are taking up 2 pieces of the space station and it is heavier than any other mission. Pray for protection, peace, and an amazing experience for Terry.

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