Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Trent and Jack traveled to Florida this weekend to see our friend Terry Virts pilot the Endeavor into space in his very first mission. The boys had a great time. Please pray for Terry over the next 10 days as he and the rest of the crew attach the last 2 pieces of the space station.

Here are a few pictures from their adventure!

Jack and our friends the Watsons pretending to be astronauts

The launch was at 4:00 am and they had to be there at midnight. I love this picture because it proves that you are never too old to fall asleep on your daddy


Naomi said...

How amazing!! I shall have to show my boys these pictures tomorrow!! Hey, you were really close to my nephew Jack who lives in Cocoa!!!

Love the sleeping picture!

Shannon said...

OK...how cool is that??? What an awesome time for Trent and Jack!!!!

Carolyn said...

How wonderful a memory for both of them. And I LOVE your digital scrapbook page, so cool.