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Friday, July 9, 2010

Appointment Update

Thanks for praying for Jack's appointment yesterday. I realized that afternoon that, short of a miracle, it is hard to have a "good" check up when you have a degenerative condition. I went in ready to ask for botox injections in his calves and hamstrings, ask for an MRI to help explain the degeneration we are seeing, and inquire about the progress being made with stem cells.

Good News- he ordered the MRI
Bad News- those who are receiving stem cell transplants overseas are growing tumors and he wants to fit Jack for AFOs (ankle braces).

Jack still has some strength in his ankles so I am opposed to the AFOs right now. I made the appointment to talk to the Physical Medicine Dr. about botox v. AFOs and am hoping to build enough strength in Jack's ankles before then (Sept 8th) that we can buy some more time before going to AFOs.

So that was our appointment. I am still holding out for God to heal Jack. I was telling God the other day that I would rather live somewhere like Haiti and be in His will than just go through the motions of life here, but I can't move to Haiti because of Jack's condition. I really think I heard God ask me, "If I healed him would you go?". Of course our answer is "YES"! So if Jack comes bounding down the stairs tomorrow with healthy legs, you can expect to see a For Sale sign in my yard that same day. :)

TODAY'S SIDE NOTE: Ruthie had her first Drumstick Ice Cream Cone the other day and I think she liked it! Do you see those elbows bending?


Naomi said...

Oh I shall pray for Jack's healing too!!!I Imagine that if God answered your prayer and off to Haiti you went!! It must be so hard for you Ginny but you have such a great attitude and determination to see him do well. Ruthie's elbows have really improved but I am curious what the ice cream was!!! Never heard of one!! Can you show us a picture?

The Raudenbush Family said...

Joining you in prayer for a supernatural healing for Jack.

Great pictures of Ruthie--nothing like a tasty dessert to really motivate her to work those arms! :)

Casey said...

Ginny - have been thinking about little Jack this week after I saw your post! Praying for him often to have some miracle improvements! I know I only got to know him really for about 6 days, but he has definitely stolen a huge part of my heart as well as several others that week! Even after we returned home, we still laughed about the fun times we had with him! Please tell him hello and give him a hug for me!

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