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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ear Candles- Busted!

When I was at work on Tuesday, some people got to talking about ear candles. You buy them at the nutrition store and their claim is that they remove all the excess wax from your ears. One lady even claimed that it is better than when she has her ears flushed at the doctor's office.

Well that got me curious so I bought some on the way home and finally got a chance to try them out last night.

After seeing that they really aren't candles but more of a hollow tube, I began wondering how that really works anyway. Sure, when I was done there was a small amount of golden wax in the bottom of each tube, but I wasn't convinced yet.

After doing one candle in each ear, the scientist in me came out and I decided to do the 3rd one in my hand and see what I got.

Guess What?!? I have ear wax in my hand!!! Or maybe the Ear Candle people have a golden waxy substance in the bottom of each candle that loosens up with the heat of the candle and makes you think it is ear wax.

Don't waste your $16 on Ear Candles. They are BUSTED!


Chuck Thomas said...

Sorry to hear about your hand. I hope it feels better now with less wax in it. :-)

Great experiment. We had some counselors at camp a couple of years ago who had ear aches and tried this. I was very impressed with the "ear wax" that was extracted by the candle. There was good placebo effect though, as they did feel better afterward. If we have any hand injuries this year at camp, maybe we will try the ear candles as a homeopathic treatment.

Lori Lee said...

Hilarious! I was CRACKING UP at your comment of the week, that's SO funny!

The Raudenbush Family said...

Interesting...since Lydia just had a thorough cleaning of her ears today, I was "all ears" for this post. Love your comment of the week too. Very funny!

Hunan Mommy said...

We had a similar incident as your "quote of the week" during a taekwondo tournament this spring. My sons match is on my FB page. If you could see him walking across the ring. It is priceless.

Casey said...

oh my word! I have always wondered if these really worked!!! Now we know... sorry for the wasted money, but glad you "found them out!"

Eleanor said...

and you wonder where Sam comes up with all this science stuff :)
Miss you and your family! But summer is already over half gone, won't be long !

Ashley said...

Ok, friend...as a SLP and one who works with ears a lot (working with kids with hearing loss)...ear candling is no good. Glad you found that out on your own (and didn't hurt yourself)! Here's a link to an abstract from Laryngoscope:


Naomi said...

Ha!!! I love it!!!! You are too clever Ginny and I certainly won't waste my money on those!!!

mike said...

They do not suck the wax out! Possibly yes on the placebo effect. They are scientificly proven to relax your lyphnoids alowing more blood to circulate to your sinuses. This gives you better ballance and allows your body to heal itself naturally. I have candled thousands of people with ear eaches and over 90% of them feel significantly better

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