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Monday, July 5, 2010

Memorial Box Monday- Our July 3rd Miracle

Memorial Box Monday is an opportunity to publicly remember a time when I saw God move. Several bloggers I know have an actual box that they put something in to remind them of God’s faithfulness. I am not that good, but I do occasionally write about it. J

This weekend marked the one-year anniversary of an incredible show of God’s faithfulness in our family. A year ago we were in the last stages of waiting for Ruthie. For some reason, we waited much longer than most for something called our RA (referral approval) which had delayed our travel to China for months. It arrived on June 15th and now the last step was to wait for our TA (travel approval).

We received an email telling us that we would most likely travel to China some time in August. I called our agency and asked what would it take for us to make the July group. The travel coordinator told me that our TA would have to arrive by Friday July 3rd, but that was highly unlikely and I needed to just plan on traveling in August. Trent and I felt that we had waited long enough and that Ruthie had waited long enough for her family so we were going to pray for a July 3rd Miracle. Many of you may remember this time as a lot of you joined us in praying that way.

July 3rd came and I waited patiently for the afternoon phone call from my agency that didn’t come. I found out later that day that they were CLOSED on July 3rd for the holiday. All I could think about was who was going to receive my Fed Ex envelope to discover my July 3rd Miracle if no one was there on July 3rd! Trent and weren’t ready to give up yet so we waited and called first thing Monday morning. The travel coordinator, with much surprise, told us that our TA had arrived on Friday and that they found it Monday morning, but it was too late for us to make the group leaving Thursday because they would have needed to request permission from China on Friday. Requesting on Monday violated China’s timeframe that they allow for notice of placement. I reminded the travel coordinator about what she had told me about July 3rd and I told her that we had all been praying for a July 3rd Miracle and how I thought God had come through for us. She agreed that it was amazing timing and agreed to contact China that night on our behalf.

The next day, Tuesday July 7th, we received an email from our agency telling us that China had said yes and we could join the group leaving 2 days later on Thursday. We were so excited and thankful! Our God who knew the desire of hearts and the needs of this child, heard our cry and answered our prayers with a YES!

You can read more about that time in the June and July 2009 section

Today's Side Note: A Fun Ruthie Achievement- Ruthie came down stairs yesterday with her shirt on inside out and then she proceeded to show us how she taught herself to take off her shirt and put it back on.


Hunan Mommy said...

What a cool story! I had no idea you traveled on such short notice, though I think all of us were in the process of getting ready to leave a least a month beforehand. Ruthie is such a sweetie in her photo!

TanyaLea said...

Oh, I remember good and well! Can't believe it's been a year already... SO glad to see that precious girl home and thriving in your beautiful Christian home! God is good and oh-SO FAITHFUL!!! <><

Happy Travel Anniversary! :)

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