Saturday, July 31, 2010

Next Surgery Update and A Trip to the Zoo

Hello Everyone! This week I took Ruthie and Jack to Dallas for a trip to the zoo and a 6 month check up at Scottish Rite for Ruthie. We saw Dr. Ezaki who is the hand specialist and very impressive. I have been reading some of her research lately and lets just say that she is "the stuff", "the bomb", "the shizzle for rizzle" or whatever phrase your teenager has taught you to say that she knows her stuff.

Anyway, I went in ready to tell her that I thought we should just leave everything alone because Ruthie is compensating so well to do whatever she wants, but Dr Ezaki made a great point that with Ruthie's left hand turned out (ulnar deviated) it will be real hard for her to use a keyboard someday and it is best to correct that now and let her learn to use it in neutral. So we are most likely having surgery in October to reposition her left wrist. There is a small chance they could call us if someone cancels before then like they did last time, but we will plan for October.

Here are a few pictures from our trip to the zoo

Yes that is my children petting a camel. Did I mention that they rode that camel too?

That is our Yaya. She met us at the zoo. Lauren (Yaya) was our first adopted child. :)

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Faith, Hope, and Love said...

Hi Ginny,

Your blog was given to me by Donna...and after reading some of your posts...I think I like it here and will be back! :)

We are waiting to bring home our little girl, Liliana from China. Her SN is you can imagine how happy I am to find your blog!

Thank you for sharing your life in such a positive, inspiring way!

Hugs and blessings,