Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sunday Snapshot- Final Four

Sunday Snapshot

So the Final Four was in Houston this year but let me be real honest and admit that my March Madness enthusiasm (men's and women's) ended right after my Baylor girls lost to the Aggies.   However that did not mean that the fun surrounding it had to end.

Some friends of ours from the Weather Channel White Christmas event were running an event for the Cartoon Network at Bracket Town at the Final 4

So they invited us to come down to the convention center and hang out with them for the day.

The kids had a blast with all of the exhibits and games.

Sam keeps asking when we can go back to Bracket Town.  I explained to him that the Final 4 is only once a year and is not always in Houston.

He is apparently arranging our plans to go to New Orleans for next years festivities.


Nancy said...

That looks like such a FUN time!!! Great family time!
thank you for sharing,
Nancy-of the crazy 8

Merrill said...

What fun! We went to something similar for the SEC championship football game in December, but my camera is so slow I didn't get any good action shots! Love your pictures!