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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Big God, Small Tasks

The hubs said something in church last week that got me thinking (and quickly jotting blog notes).  In a passing point he said that those who serve a small God have big problems and those who serve a big God have small problems.  I am not sure what he said after that because honestly my brain went racing off to other days when I have watched friends and relatives navigate the rough waters before them with great strength and faith.

I also got to thinking how it could be said like this too, "Those who serve a big God have small tasks" - not because their tasks are truly small but because their God is so big, they see the tasks as increasingly possible.  Now before you go arguing with me, I am not disrespecting those who make great sacrifices for the Gospel.  Instead I am saying that what we see as impossible (like selling everything and going to the mission field) may seem huge to us but for them it is doable because their God is that big.  Got it?

So let's continue...

I believe having a big God makes your problems and your tasks small for 3 reasons:

1.  You lay down your plans for His plans.  Think about it, when we are sailing away with our own plans, we have to work really hard to keep them afloat, but when we surrender to His will, the pieces just come together.  Likewise, when we encounter problems that are outside of our motion picture of how we thought things should be, we find peace because our God is big and it is not about us.  We aren't big.  Our plans aren't big.  He is big and He will work it out.

2.  You have an eternal perspective.  When I consider a line that runs from the beginning of time to all eternity, my life marked on that line is not even visible!  What God calls me to and what He allows me to walk through in the here and now is like a single grain of sand in the desert.  It is so small!  I am going to spend eternity with Christ.  So what was I worried about again?

3. You serve a Redeemer.  This is my favorite part perhaps because I mess up a lot.  I chase my own dreams, run hard after my motion pictures of how things should be, and sometimes get a little over dramatic when things don't go my way or on my timetable.   But you know what?  My God is so much bigger than all of those things that He can still redeem it for my good and His purposes.  When things don't go as I thought they should, He still has it under control.  When Satan comes in and throws things off, God still redeems it for His glory.  A small God sends us spiraling into worry, but a big God has it all under control and is a Redeemer.

Lord may our tasks and our worries be small in light of the truth of your plans and your power.

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