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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What to do when your wife wants to bring home "extra luggage"

Hi everyone.  This is Trent, Ginny's husband.  She's asked me to write a post about her wanting to bring home a child in her suitcase.

I say yes.

Here are my reasons....

Repairing my wife's heart after such an attachment is much like landing a man on Jupiter tomorrow, using only a paperclip, bedsheet, baking soda, and a script from MacGyver.

We're at the point on our insurance where we pay the same amount no matter how many kids we have: too much.  What's one more?

Children weigh less than the souvenirs she would have brought home.  Translation:  no overage charges on the airline weight limits.

Children need homes.  We have one.  Even if it means my bed becomes the leaky inflatable lounger in the pool - I can tether myself to the shallow end.

One life.  That's all we have.  Every so often, it's good to ride on a van with no A/C and a driver who smokes like wet wood.  Who needs to be comfortable when we have a Kingdom?

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Bill and Toni said...

Oh Trent - I don't know you, but I love you (and your wife too)!!!

"Who needs to be comfortable when we have a Kingdom?"

They all need homes - and I know a sweet little girl who is about to be blessed beyond measure!!

God is good, allllllll the time!!

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