Saturday, December 7, 2013

A Disaster or A Blessing?

I guess it is all in how you view it.

Okay so "disaster" may be a strong word for a winter storm but it was the only one I could think of at the time.   So let me just go ahead and tell you about how sometimes our plans are turned upside down.

I started out the week with a quick trip to Dallas, a reunion with some friends,  and 6 photo shoots planned back home between Thursday and Sunday.  I took Ruthie to Dallas and it all changed.  

That little winter weather event arrived a few hours earlier than I expected and there was ice falling on my windshield before I could even get to my hotel from Ruthie's appointment. 
 Okay so "don't feel sorry for me #1"- I scored a free night at the Gaylord Texan with my hubs Marriott points.  The plan was to see some friends and go home in the morning, but the weather made that little reunion impossible. 

Then we woke up to THIS! Yes 3-4 inches of ice!  We were clearly not going home that day and my baby girl was more than excited to play it out!

For the record- snow angels don't work on ice.

But writing your name and then adding "mom" to be sweet does work and it buys you a few more minutes in the cold.

Going home on Friday was clearly out and then came Saturday.  I woke up to news about people sliding off of bridges and 100s of 18 wheelers abandoned on the highways around Dallas.  I heard reports of 10-18 hour waits on the roads and advice to pack food and a blanket if you have to get out.
Looks like it is one more night in paradise. :)

Oh and did I mention it will be night #3 free on points?   I guess this husband traveling to Chicago for school stuff is paying me back. :)

So the downside (other than not being around to help my husband and having to cancel 4 of my shoots) is that it aint cheap to eat around this place.  Ruthie and I have been sharing meals, watching a lot of TV, and trying to make this little adventure as cheap as possible.

But today I splurged.  I mean who can pass up a character brunch when you are trapped for another day?  I am so glad that I decided to go for it.

Okay I am not going to suggest that God froze north Texas for me to have some uninterrupted time with my baby girl who is about to be a big sister, but I think He might have worked it into the plan and given us a sweet little blessing in disguise.

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