Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Our Christmas Morning

Christmas morning was a sweet time at our place.  I had been a little nervous because my plan was to go back to giving each child 3 gifts to mirror the 3 gifts given to Jesus (plus a few small family things thrown in that I couldn't resist) and try to keep it a little simpler (as best I could).  I shopped for our foster child the same way, but then our agency and his court advocate came in with bags of presents for him from local donors.  It was really super to see how all of these strangers had sacrificed to make his day special.  However it still left my other 3 kids with their 3 gifts and I wondered how they would perceive our foster child's 20+ gifts.  

Well it ended up working out fine.  Our sweet little guy came down with the stomach virus on Christmas eve and was pretty bed ridden Christmas morning.

So we let our other 3 come down and open their presents then we explained why the little one upstairs had so many.

Everyone carried a bag of presents and we took his to his room to open so we could all celebrate with him as he discovered all of the blessings people had sent his way.  About 1/2 way through he tuckered out and Ruthie was more than happy to assist him from there.

We finished up with the Christmas story and the true meaning of that day.  It was a great and relaxing day.   I guess once again, we got exactly what we needed.

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