Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Special Place for A Special Girl

Welcome to Maggie's Room.

So I have to tell you all about this special space.  First you might notice the tree on the right.  That was painted by a sweet friend from church.  So many of you purchased shirts with a similar tree on them and I wanted that in her room to help represent that part of her story.  I made the pennant out of extra material from the pillow I made for her.   Trent's step mom is currently working on a quilt for her out of the same material.

The white four poster bed was from another friend at church and will be where I sleep when Maggie is sick until she is big enough to move into that bed herself.   The play kitchen and other toys you see here were donated by a good friend from her daughter, Iris.  Iris' mom is from China and has helped me translate many emails with Maggie's orphanage.

What you don't see here is a bookshelf on the left at the foot of the bed.  One of the shelves is full of Chinese dolls that were given to the girls by their Aunt Penny.

Ladybugs are a symbol for adoption in China so I knew I wanted to include them in her theme.  You have no idea how hard I searched for the perfect lady bug bedding that had to include pink so it would go with her tree.

The giant chalkboard wall was made by her daddy.  Our sweet baby sitter and friend came over and wrote the saying for me.  This left handed mama does not do chalkboard writing with out smearing it on my way across.   The bottom space was intentionally left open for Maggie's art.

The stuffed animals on her bed were given to her by her siblings from their own collection.

Another friend from church made the Heaven Sent picture and her  diaper bag.  I made the bow holder to match Ruthie's.  Yes I know we need to get this child some more bows.

Finally, the chair and cabinet are from a dear friend.  She had them in her daughter's nursery and thought of us when she heard how I was decorating Maggie's room.

As you can see, Maggie's room is filled with love and thoughtful sacrifices.  I am pretty sure this community is as excited as we are about bringing this baby home.   Soon very soon.


Jenn Rohrer said...

So excited that you are on your way to get your baby girl!! Praying for a blessed trip!!

Bill and Toni said...

Soon very soon. ♥♥♥