Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Want To Pray For A Miracle With Us?

Before I ask you to pray for a miracle, I want to tell you that it has been done before.

When we were waiting on Ruthie, we received our TA in record time.  You can read about that HERE.

Now we need a TA so we can go get Maggie.  We have been told that it takes generally 2-4 weeks and they have seen it come in 1 week only 1 time before.  If we could get our TA in one week (by this Friday) we could travel next Thursday to get our Maggie.  There is a chance we could still travel if it comes on Monday or Tuesday but tickets go up in price as you get that close to travel and we would have a little more trouble getting a consulate appointment so this Friday would be ideal.  

Would you pray with us that we could travel to get our baby girl next week?  Pray that China would look at her condition and be motivated to move quickly on her behalf.  Then if you are feeling motivated to pray some more, some inexpensive plane tickets would be AWESOME!

Thank you from this momma's heart


meg said...

We got our TA on Wednesday and left on Friday!!
It can be done:)
I just kept putting the Delta tickets on a 24 hour hold which kept down the cost!!

likeschocolate said...

Sending prayers your way!