Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Last Day In Xian- Laying Low

Today is our last day in Xian.  I hate that the pollution has been bad and kept us from doing much but I also recognize that it is better for Maggie to lay low too.  This morning we sent daddy off to the airport.  I am glad he is going to be able to return to the boys and get the house ready for miss Maggie.

It rained yesterday and knocked down some of the pollution so we can actually see buildings outside of our room.  Ruthie has climbed up into the window several times to look down on China.  I often wonder what is going through that beautiful mind of hers.   I don't know if she processes China as her birthplace.  She really doesn't talk about it and I don't push.  She will when she is ready.

Later I caught a few pics of my littlest blessing looking down on her country below.  Isn't she just beautiful?

This time tomorrow will be on a plane for Guangzhou.  That marks the last leg of the wonderful adventure and some cleaner air too.  I am looking forward to both.


Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

Wishing your husband a safe flight home. My husband had to leave early and go back to our boys. Guangzhou should be much better in terms of pollution. We loved Guangzhou.

Naomi said...

Oh Ginny she is just stunning!!! I have been enjoying following along and praying for you all. Will continue to do so as you continue there in China and then prepare to return home.

love Naomi

Gwen Brehm said...

What a journey!!