Monday, February 24, 2014

Maggie Day 3

We wrapped up our 2nd day with Maggie by just spending some time in our room.  There is a Chinese version of Walmart close by where Trent and I purchased some Chinese legos for the girls.  They are so cute playing together.

Maggie also got her first bath.  I have learned a lot about this first bath thing since 2009 when I terrorized Ruthie with hers'.  At the orphanages, they bath them by wiping them down good so when you take this child and put them in a big tub of water, they think you are drowning them.  I wised  up and gave Maggie her bath in the sink and it went sooooooo much better.   They also say not to bath them on the first night because they need to keep their smells familiar.  Score one for the Henderson's - 2nd night non-drowning bath was a success.

Today we headed out to the Bell and Drum Towers and then to the market.  Oh the looks we got from the locals.  I also took my first Chinese subway to get there and it was so much better than what I expected.

Maggie fell asleep in her carrier on the way back and is now fighting the rest of her nap as I type this.
All in all, it has been a great day so far.


Anonymous said...

I see a dimple!

Bridgett said...

Is she not the cutest ever...what a doll! Congrats and so happy for you all. She looks like she has great color and I pray she stays in good health as you travel!
Much Love, Bridgett Morgan