Friday, April 24, 2009

Fun Find as I Keep Busy

So I have a fun new find. We always tell our boys that they are part of "Team Henderson" and I had this idea the other day to make t-shirts for our trip to China that listed us all and said Team Henderson on them. Well, I found this website,, through my brother-in-law that will allow you to create caricatures of your family and then print t-shirts, stationary, return address labels, etc. I made these last night of our family and I am going to design a Team Henderson t-shirt around them and no doubt order other stuff too. I thought it was really fun and worth sharing. I haven't ordered anything yet so I can't speak to quality, but I was impressed with the ability to design my caricature. For those of you with a Wii, it was a lot like designing your Mii. I will let you know how it turns out.


Melissa said...

So cute! I love Vista Print! I can't wait to see all your stuff!

Ginny Henderson said...

I learned about it when I called Troy to see where you got your t-shirts of your boys. Thanks Mo